Cloud Tanks:
To create realistic 3 dimensional clouds, nebulas and plasmas.
You'll need:
Fishtank (At least 20 gallons)
Tempura paint**
3-5 foot Hose
5 Gallon Bucket
2 tarps
Rubber spatula

1. Place the tank of water on surface at least 3 feet off the ground over a tarp.

2. Heat up a pot of water

3. Dissolve sugar into the water until granules appear at the bottom of the pot

4. Add the water to the tank, repeat until the tank is
halfway full

5. Place the second tarp over the tank so it drapes over the edges and covers the sugar water

6. Place fresh water on top of the tarp to fill the tank

7. Slowly pull the tarp. 
Notice - there is a line between the sugar water and the fresh water

8. Using a rubber spatula or another similar device, slowly get rid of any bubbles, careful not to disrupt the water line.

9. Set up your camera for your desired effect - generally a high frame rate. The cloud will appear directly above the water line.
If you need a cloud replacement, consider shooting from below the line.

10. Mix 1 table spoon of tempura paint with one cup of water, make as much solution as you want keeping that ratio***

11. Record.

12. Put tempura water in the tank. There are many methods to do this. Remember, different kinds of momentum create different effects.
    * some guides I've read say to use Salt. Finding clean salt is nearly impossible and a tragic waste of time.
    ** I'd start with tempura paint, but any fluid works, and each have their own properties. One of my favorites is Elmer's glue.
    *** Any ratio works with different boldness and opacities

In this video I filled a balloon full of white tempura paint and popped it when it was submerged in the tank.

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