To pollenate cameras:
Most of the time, one can find a camera that's perfectly fine. There is no rational reason to do the following. But, for example, if you want to have the color of an old dv tape, and desire the resolution of an a7sii, this trick has been around for years, but never for this purpose.
2 cameras of traits of your choosing (Identical focal lengths needed)
1 pane of thin glass or clear plastic
1 duck bill clamp
2 tripods of equal height    
2 c-stands
1 black flag

1. Set up your frame with one camera.

2. Connect the clamp to the c- stand. Place the glass so directly above the stand.

3. Turn the glass so it's at a 45 degree angle to your A camera.

4. Place B camera on a tripod at the exact height of A camera. Place it perpendicular to the glass and 90 degrees from A camera. Creating a right triangle. The cameras serving as two edges meeting at the center of the glass. Make sure that the distance between Camera A and the Glass and B and the Glass are the same.

5. Place the Black flag on the c-stand. Position it to create a black background for Camera B.
6. The frames of both camera's should be identical. To adjust for exposure. Adjust only the iso, or use an ND filter.
The first of these images is from the A7sii, the second is from the Panasonic DVX, the third is their combination.
In post, you can isolate the traits you want to highlight.
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